Travelog #1 – Ballincollig to Heidenheim

I want to travel more. So I did, over my Christmas Holiday I traveled about 5 thousand kilometers through Europe. This is the travelog for the first part of my journey.

The first day of my travel started unbelievably early.

Ballincollig to Cork City (~ 10 km)

Travellog #1 - Ballincollig - Cork

First I needed to get from Ballincollig to the bus station, in Cork City. As a colleague of mine also needed to catch the same bus, I picked her up.

Cork City to Dublin Airport (~ 280 km)

Travellog #1 - Cork - DUB

After we arrived at Saints Patrick Quay we waited for the bus, which left right on schedule at 2 o’clock in the morning. As soon as the bus left I fall straight asleep and woke up just in time to leave the bus at Terminal 2.

I passed the time at the airport with buying my BahnCard 50 and the first train tickets I needed to get from the airport in Düsseldorf to my Grandma’s place in Dortmund, and to my Mum’s place in Heidenheim.

Dublin Airport – Düsseldorf (~ 1000 km)

Screenshot from 2018-01-07 20-46-21

There is one big advantage for early morning flights in the winter. The sunrises are so great.

IMG_0201The picture is quite horrible I know, but I was the best one I made on the flight. But after a mostly uneventful flight with an extra hour of sleep we landed in Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf to Dortmund (~ 70 km)

Welcome back to Germany. I was on the road for the last 8 hours, and the first thing I have to realize is that the train I booked 4 hours earlier was canceled. So I had to wait for the next Train to Dortmund. Normally this is not a big problem, but I started to getting tired, and my Grandma was waiting with my lunch.


When I finally arrived I got a lovely lunch, and we had a lovely walk around my old neighborhood. As time flies, I had to leave her sooner as I wanted.

Dortmund to Heidenheim (~ 500 km)

This was the most eventful part of the first leg of my journey. First everything was looking fine, and I thought I could squeeze in some more hours of sleep, but unfortunately this was not possible, as some stations in to our travel, someone joined me on my seat, which was fine. It was not reserved and it was free. I only had one problem the person was not smelling nice and acquired a lot of space for their belongings, this was also not the biggest problem. They also had no ticket, no identification and no way to communicate with the personnel on the train. This led to a delay from about 45 minutes, as the police had to remove them from the train.

I was not happy about this as it was two days before Christmas and quite late, so for someone who does not speak German or English, it must be rough to be stranded at a police station in a unknown city. But neither the personnel on board nor the police showed any understanding for this persons situation.

So after this small interruption, I finally arrived in Ulm, due to the delay I was not able to catch my connection. But my brother was so kind to pick me up.

It was great to see them all again after four months, of absence. I said hi to everyone, sat down for one beer, and went straight to bed, as this was a long day.

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