Star Wars: Last Jedi – A Hopefully Spoiler Free Review

Hi all,

I guess I am a little bit late with my two cents about the most recent addition to the Star Wars universe.

But I just watched it a second time with my good friend Ivan, who was not able to watch it until tonight, and I have to share my thoughts about it.

First I was a little bit unsure if I want to see it in 3D, but in the retrospective it was a good choice. I saw it the first time in 2D and was stunned by the way it looked, but the third dimension was a great addition.

The storytelling was great, the story itself was one of the best in the whole franchise. It was action packed, the character development was good, and the most important thing in my eyes is, it makes you crave for more Star Wars.

The good.

  • As mentioned above I really liked the story, it was great.
  • The big things. The ships and landscapes are awesome, and breathtaking.
  • The little things. All the small details are well worked out, and the make you smile from time to time.
  • Mark Hamill, he had fun and his interactions with the other characters. Superbe.

The not so good.

  • While most of the shots were great, some of them were not. Especially when changing the focus from a subject in the foreground to a subject in the background.
  • The density. It was not a short movie, but the story was so detailed that there was no real time to take a breath.

So if you have not watched it already, go watch it now, preferably in English. In my humble opinion is Episode VIII one of the best Star Wars Movies ever released.

What are your thoughts about the movie? Let me know in the comments below.

– Benedikt


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