My Personal New Year’s Resolutions

Hi all,

it is New Year’s Eve and I am sitting in my parent’s sitting room.

And I am thinking about what was good and what was not that good and what I can do to become a better version of myself.

Here are some of my thoughts about what I want to do to achieve this goal.

  • I want to travel more, see more of Ireland and Europe. I have the luck of living in the most peaceful time in Europe, so I guess I should use this opportunity and meet more interesting people.
  • I should take more photos, print and publish them. I love photos, I love looking at them, I love giving them away as a gift. So I want to do more of this.
  • I want to blog more. I started this project in November 2017 and I want to keep it going.
  • In 2018 I want to meditate more. I started using headspace I used it for a while and then stopped using it for no good reason. So I should try it again.
  • I need to lose some weight. This is a fact! My current situation is not healthy, especially not in the long run.

I will inform you about any changes in my plans for 2018.

What are your resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy New Year to all of you.

Your’s Benedikt.


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